Commercial Silicone Roof Coating Restoration
Commercial Silicone Roof Coating Restoration
We specialize in Spray on Silicone flat roof coating repair / restoration in Houston and southeast Texas. Our Silicone Roof Coatings are designed to restore, improve performance, and extend the life of your flat roof up to 20 years without flat roof replacement. This cost-effective solution can be quickly installed, provides a renewable warranty and watertight surface, and helps reduce energy costs up to 20% WITH OUR SPRAY ON SILICONE FLAT ROOF COATING SYSTEM, WE CAN OFFER AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY RESTORATION OPTION WITHSUPERIOR RESISTANCE TO PONDING WATER FOR1/2 THE COST OF OF A ROOF REPLACEMENT.

SAME DAY RE-COATING: Possible with its quick cure time

LOW ODOR: Solvent-free formula; VOC compliant in all of North America

ENERGY SAVINGS: Silicone coatings are 97% reflective and meet CRRC cool roof requirements by reducing interior building temperatures. White 100% Silicone Roof Coating improves rooftop air conditioning inefficiency.

UP TO 20 YEARS OF DURABLE, LOW-MAINTENANCE SEAMLESS PROTECTION: Control UV damage, reduce thermal shock, fully-adhered system seals off water entry points

COST SAVINGS: Building Owner:  up to 50% savings over re- roofing. No tear-off and disposal expense, minimal disruption to building occupants

TAX RELIEF: A tax advantage for building owners while saving energy! Expense coatings versus capital depreciation lowers cash outlays and maximizes tax expense allowances. This is considered ‘deferred maintenance’ under U.S. tax law (as opposed to replacing the roof in its entirety which would be considered an ‘improvement’) and as such, is FULLY (dollar for dollar) tax deductible THIS YEAR.


EPDM, Asphalt, TPO, Modified Bitumen, Metal, PVC and Concrete

​  Our architectural approach to roofing gives us an extra edge when it comes to our commercial clients. We are inspired by the technical challenges that present themselves with buildings, especially flat roofs. New Image Roofing sees this as an opportunity to apply our highly trained staff and their expert craftsmanship to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Our commercial roofing services include design and installation of flat or sloped roof systems, both new and re-roofs. We are certified flat-roof  installers for Firestone and Carlisle if need a roof replacement. We also provide repair services including leak detection using non-invasive equipment.  Our Guarantee:  While commercial leak repairs can often be problematic, we guarantee our work 100% and will return to fix any leak if not successful on our first visit. Quality Crews and Materials mean our roofs are built to last. We only use the highest quality materials which last longer and require less maintenance. Furthermore, the most important day in the life of a roof is the day it is installed because of how it is installed. Our crews attend training on the latest installation techniques, safety and proper use and care of our state-of-the-art equipment.

Silicone Vs Elastomeric, Arcylic Roof Coatings

Is Silicone the last flat roof repair you’ll ever need?  Silicone is quickly becoming the go to material in the flat roof repair coatings market. Its benefits range from leak-free protection to improved aesthetic appeal of the roof to improved sustainability. When a silicone roof coating is installed, it is there for performance. These roofs are also highly sustainable, and could quite literally be the last roofing substrate you ever need with only a re-coating every 15-20 years. Check out this video that illustrates the ease of application of silicone flat roof coatings: Roof coating restoration.

The Benefits Of Silicone As A Flat Roof Coating

Let’s look at the benefits of silicone as a flat roof coating. What does it do that no other material can? First, it withstands ponding water – indefinitely. Because silicone coatings are not water based like acrylic, they absorb no moisture. While some acrylic coatings can be reinforced with fabric to withstand a little ponding water, they are no match for silicone’s natural resistance to moisture.
 Another benefit to silicone is that it doesn’t chalk off as other flat roof coatings like elastommeric and acrylic do. Silicone is “Non-sacrificial”, and as such it doesn’t slowly shed as time goes by. It will stay fully intact for the life of the roof. Thirdly, silicone doesn’t need to be reinforced with roof fabric, saving you time and money on installation. The last major benefit to silicone is that you need less of it than most other flat roof coatings. As little as 1.5 gallons can be used for 100 square feet, less than half that would be needed for elastomeric or acrylic.

Things To Watch Out For

Silicone can be very slippery when wet. Because it resists water, the surface becomes very slippery at the first sign of water. Be careful. Another warning is that the coating must be applied to a completely dry roof. If there is any moisture on the surface, it can compromise the adhesion of the silicone to the roof.
 While silicone doesn’t normally require multiple coats or reinforcing tape, there are certain instances where you want to use each of these. If you have a dry cap sheet roof, you probably want to apply a silicone base coat, then another coat of silicone on top of that. Also, if you find any loose seams, you want to reinforce with tape or fabric prior to applying the coating.

As part of our commitment to protect our environment, we use only non-hazardous materials. And energy efficiency is maximized with each roof through highly reflective materials which deflect our Texas heat year after year.

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